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During rainfall events, water drains off of roadways and adjacent properties. Water from residential sump pump discharge lines is pumped to the ground surface and must also be collected. This rain water is collected in roadway storm drains, rear yard storm drains, and drainage ditches to be discharged into one of the many local streams and rivers in the city. In many subdivisions, this water flows through a detention system (basin or pond) which controls the rate of the release (quantity) of this water to prevent flooding.

In addition, the management of water cleanliness (quality) is governed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the National Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit process. Property owners are encouraged to participate in environmentally conscience storm water management through the use of rain barrels, rain gardens, and the proper disposal of pet waste, oil, and other contaminants. Contaminants must never be dumped into a storm sewer drain as these contaminants directly affect the water quality of our streams and rivers.

 Stormwater Management Plan
            City of Joliet 

Public Works Department Please feel free to download a copy 
of the Stormwater Management Plan