Roof Repair Policy

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May 12, 2004

To: All concerned persons
From: David R. Mackley, Building Services Director
Re: Roof Repair Policy

City of Joliet Ordinance 7456 Section 8-5 clearly states that matters not specifically covered by the ordinance, (roofs are not a specific section) requirements essential for structural, fire, sanitary or safety of an existing structure shall be determined by the inspector by interpretation of the ordinances.

The Ordinance further states in Section 8-9e that repairs of existing roofs must comply with the provisions of the Building Code. The 2003 International Building Code, the adopted code of the City of Joliet specifically addresses the roof issue as follows:

  1. Patching roofs is not covered as it is not permitted.

  2. Roof covering materials must be compatible to the roof to which they are applied. Roof must conform to all applicable standards. Materials shall be delivered in packages bearing the manufactures identification and approved testing agency labels.

  3. Roof re-covering with new materials shall not be permitted if the existing roof is water soaked, deteriorated, or does not have adequate base for re-covering or the roof has two or more coverings.

  4. Re-installation of materials such as slate, clay, or cement tile is permitted. The materials shall be removed and all damaged or broken tiles shall be discarded. New tiles shall be integrated with old tiles so as to give the entire roof a uniform appearance.

  5. Solid sheathing is now required.

  6. Underlayment shall be of an approved type. Ice and water shield shall be properly installed along all eave edges and in all valleys.

Please feel free to contact me should any confusion arise regarding these issues.