City of Joliet Enters Into A Cooperative Agreement With The State Of Illinois Department Of Corrections

Post Date:03/15/2017 9:40 AM
The City of Joliet has entered into a Cooperative Agreement with the State of Illinois Department of Corrections that will allow the Joliet Police Department to arrest and prosecute trespassers who enter the Collins Street Prison property.
City Manager Jim Hock stated that illegal entries such as these, “endanger the lives of those who enter and the safety of our Police Officers and Firefighters who must rescue them from what they believe will be an innocent or malicious exploration.”
A few months ago, two young women accidentally locked themselves in one of the jail cells when they entered the property and several months ago one of the buildings inside the walls of the western prison was set on fire by an arsonist.
Since the prison closed over 12 years ago, budget shortfalls and staffing limitations have prevented the State from properly maintaining the buildings and structures. As a result, collapsed floors, crumbling walls, and failing roofs create a danger to any trespasser.
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